COMPEL YOUTH~Braden Ridgewell

I’m a local guy who loves the local Coeurd’Alene vibe. From the high schools, to North Idaho College, the people and culture have a special
place in my heart. Between being the Varsity soccer coach at CHS, my numerous hiking/camping trips, or spontaneous hangouts with students and friends
around town, it’s safe to say I’m living the North Idaho dream life. I serve the YOUTH of Compel Church and currently I am Student Staff with Young Life.

I Love Jesus.. And kids!

Favorite scripture Verse:
Psalm23 1-6
In my life of ministry, I find that the “Valley of the shadow of death”
can be related to our local schools, or more vaguely,  things of this world
that aren’t “Godly”. In these places where God is   almost being shunned, I can
find comfort that when I walk in, He is with me, and He shines through me
no matter how dark the environment may be.

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